First thing’s first.

I’ve had this idea floating around for awhile and God finally gave me the nudge to go for it.   Focusing on the good things in this crazy life.  It’s going to be hard some days.  But, this is going to be my little way of letting God know that I see the good He’s working in my life and in the lives of the people around me.

A little about me?  My name is Crystal and I’m a single mom with three kids (ages 5, almost 4 & 8 months).    I work full-time job that I love and leave there and go home to my true loves.  S, my princess & oldest, is my loving and creative child.  B was my first boy and he makes me laugh more than anyone I know.  He is always saying something that’s a mixture of the truth and imagination.  And then C, my second boy, is my cuddle bug.  He’s a Mama’s boy, but he wants so bad to be independent and is following his big sister and brother’s lead, so I’m trying to make sure they are focused on Jesus.  That’s not easy for me, since I didn’t grow up in a family that went to church to I struggle figuring out what to say and how to say it so that they get the concept, but it’s not just coming from me, but from Jesus.

Some days when I’m sure I’m failing at this Mommy-thing that God has called me to do, He sends me messages through the kids.  One night, we were talking about people being children of Jesus and how God loves all of His children.  They then tell me that everyone is a child of God and He loves every person on earth.  So, that is my confirmation that I must be doing something right.

Many days, the only way I can keep persevering like I am supposed to, is by finding the positive in the middle of all the negative.  I’m hoping this will help us all to shift our focus.


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