God Made Me Different

I’ve been trying to stop focusing on hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and stop and enjoy my kids and their journey to find themselves.  Have I been late to work every single day since this adventure?  Yes.  Luckily, I have the best boss in the whole world!  🙂

One morning, B was beating the sand out of his shoes and telling me about all of the kids he had played with the day before on the playground in the sandbox.  Then he proceeds to tell me how he doesn’t like to sit still and sing, but that he likes to play and DO things. And how God made him different.  When I say,

How did He do that?

He says,

with His powers!


First thing that hits me is, he is so right!  He sits still only because he has to. He sings in choir and loves to play more than anything else (but he knows every word to the songs).  He’s gotten in trouble several times at school but just can’t keep his hands to himself.  

Second is, he talks about God like he knows Him and talks to Him on a regular basis.  I have been doing more about talking to God and talking about God more, but I know the only way he would say something like that (he isn’t even 4 yet) is if God were talking to me through him.  Telling me to be patient with him because he isn’t going to be like every other kid.  Also, I love how confident B is in himself that its ok to not be like every one else.  I hope he keeps that attitude throughout life. 


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