God’s Grace

I will be the first to tell you that I am failing miserably at this life.  Christian, mother, daughter, sister, friend…all of these things trip me up every single day.  I get so distracted by what I’m doing that I don’t stop and step back and look at the big picture.  While I’m focusing on

hurry up, I’m late, let’s go!


There is a lot more going on and I forget every day.  I am trying to remember to stop and appreciate the funny things my kids say, reading the Bible with them and hearing them tell me about what they are learning or thinking about.

(side note:  I started an email account for each of my children and send them funny pictures and notes and stories and things they said, milestones, etc and will give them the password when they turn 18.  It’s such a great idea. You should try it!) 

This go-getter world and the material things are only temporary.

  This world is crumbling around us and the only thing people can see are ways to disagree and ways to divide themselves from their neighbors.  Everyone has to have a label and then someone else has to tell them what they are doing wrong in their lives based on that label.  Let me tell you…there is enough sin in my life.  I have NO room to judge others.  What people don’t understand all the time is that the Bible is a book about love

Love God, love your neighbors and love yourself! 

If we stayed focused on those three statements, everything else would solve itself.  But, Satan’s job is to take down as many people as he can before Jesus comes back for us.  Our job is to stay strong in our faith and not let those things thrown in our paths keep us from getting to Heaven. 

Satan has put all these labels and arguments and wars in our face to distract us from the truth.  The truth is the ONLY way we will go to Heaven and meet God and Jesus (which by the way, is the part I’m most looking forward to), is if we follow Jesus and keep God’s word here on Earth.  Not some twisted version that someone uses for their own advantage, but the straight-from-His-mouth-to-our-ears version.  Not taking one sentence out of a 66 chapter book and downplaying everything else in that book.  If you are going to quote the book, you should make sure you know what the other 65 chapters say, as well. 

There are a lot of ideas about what Christians are today.  Some are right and some are wrong.  I know for me, I’m going to borrow the phrase of Lysa TerKeurst and say I’m a Jesus girl, trying to follow in His footsteps.  Never can I get close enough, but never giving up.  Because I know every single day without a shadow of a doubt that God will extend His grace to me and forgive me of my trespasses and helps me to forgive those who trespass against me.  As long as I have a repentant heart, God will forgive me.  Jesus will reach out for my hand no matter how low I feel and help me back to my feet.  He is perfect, but He was a friend to the sinner while He was here on Earth.  The same is true now.  No sin is too great to confess to Him and ask for grace and mercy because they will be freely given to you! 


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