Satan fights, but Jesus wins.

Last week was one for the record books! 

After my post about God’s grace, Satan was fighting so hard to keep me down.  The next morning, my truck wouldn’t start.  I called roadside assistance (side note: you can only use that four times in a year) & the guy came out with a jump box only to find out my battery was too dead for it to work.  I tried to jump it using a real battery-to-battery set up…nothing.  So, I called the best boss in the world and told her I wouldn’t be able to make it in.  First day I’ve had to not be at work unplanned since August.  I have to get a ride to the store (like I’m a teenager again!) and then sit at home all day, but I did get to cuddle with my sick baby.   Dad got home and couldn’t look at it because it was too cold.  So, another day without a vehicle.  Not that I would go any where on Friday.  Got to work on my nativity scene I’m painting though!  Proof that there is joy in every day.

On Friday, C had his tubes put in and seems to be doing much better!  Slept a lot, which means Mama did too.  🙂  One of my favorite things in this life! 

Saturday, S and I had Mommy-Daughter time, which is cool because we don’t get to do that much anymore.  She loves to skate. And is such a natural.  She will absolutely be better than me!  I can’t wait to see her doing flips and twirls on her own. 

This morning was when the real showdown began.  I didn’t set my alarm because I was sure the kids would wake up bright and early, which they did.  We got up and I was making breakfast and being sweet until I remembered about eastern standard time ending!   Immediately, I got into rush-rush-rush mode that I’ve been trying to stay out of.  The kids did well getting dressed quickly.   So, I go to put them in the truck and realize that the base of the car seat wasn’t buckled in from going to the store Thursday.  There is a ratchet strap that tightens to holds it in place.  The strap was too tight for me to be able just to buckle it.  The strap wouldn’t loosen, no matter how hard I beat or growled or cussed and fussed.  I finally had to go back in the house for a break from it and I start telling God, “All I want to do is to go to church!  Is that really that much to ask?  I just want to go and sing to you and learn something new.”  By the end of my rant, I was in tears!  When I went back out to fight with the seat belt some more, eventually, God loosened it up for me.  My mantra for the morning was, I just want to go to church.  I just want to go to church.  I JUST WANT TO GO TO CHURCH! 

Today, I got confirmation that God listens to every prayer we say, scream, mutter, cry or can’t even put into words (I’ve had lots of those too).  All you have to do is talk to Him.  He wants to hear what you have to say.  Tell Him thank you as things work out during the day (for example, the car in front of you slams on brakes and you miss them by an inch).  Pray about things as they come up through the day instead of trying to remember them all at night after a busy day. 

We are placed here in this world to make a difference!  We aren’t just supposed to sit around and tolerate sin or evil. We are supposed to DO SOMETHING to make this world better.  Pray for God to let you know who you can help and how.  What can you do to help your neighbors?  Or the kids that always get picked on in school?  What about the homeless, hungry, heartbroken and hard to love?  The way we make a difference is one person at a time.  Talk to them, share your faith and how God has changed your life.  Tell them no sin is too bad for us to receive forgiveness for.  That is the best thing you can do for the people in this world, so they can go with us into the next. 


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