Hold on! Be faithful!

The harder I fight to keep my faith and to learn more about God and how I can walk as close to Jesus’ path as I can, the more brutal the assault from the enemy gets.  The people closest to me are starting to get snappy with me over small things.  Bad things are happening to those I love.  I’m screaming and crying mad at my situation. 

When pushing through all the obstacles that he tries to put in my way, I still read my Bible almost every day.  Some days, I have to fight to go to church (again tonight) & some days I can’t even tell people whats going on because I will break down.  But then, I get the reward for fighting through and persevering another day and trying to make a difference in God’s name.  Like I am called to do.  The reward is like a message written just for me! 

Hold on!  Be faithful! 

Jesus was faithful to those who did not deserve it.  I am absolutely among the undeserving.  But, He says if I am faithful to Him, He will be faithful to me and will confess my name to His father.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to hear Jesus say my name!  As exciting as hearing your children say your name for the first time is, it is no where close to hearing my SAVIOR say my name.  And to know that my name is written in His book of life would just be astonishing after everything I’ve already done in this life.  Not to mention however many more years I’ll continue to live in a place that is fallen and temptation is everywhere. 

2 thoughts on “Hold on! Be faithful!

  1. The world can really get us down and Satan does his best to beat all the hope out of us, but there is hope! I’m glad you made it to church Sunday and last night. I know how important it is to get there when everything seems to be keeping you away.
    Love you!

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