How fast a year goes!

What a year this has been.  Not sure whether I’d call it good or not, but change we did have.  You have gotten to see all the seasons, two birthdays and even Christmas in Heaven.  I’m sure there is a good reason why we’ve been getting all this snow, you know?  I’ve had about enough, thank you.  🙂  We are still making it in this fallen world, but with one less bright and smiling face.  Never could I have imagined the things I would learn over the past year about you but also about myself through you. 
I’ve learned that you have touched 95% of this community!  That is the most amazing accomplishment for someone who was so young.  I want to be able to say that when my Father calls me home.  That I touched lives.  Lots of them.  Not just touched them, but made them better.  Countless people are better today just for knowing you and the wonderful person you were.  Anyone who needed something, you didn’t hesitate to make it happen.  Always watching out for your friends and making sure they didnt mess up too badly.  I know that seeing how selfless you were inspires me and others to try to honor you by being that way, as well. 

I’ve learned that missing you doesn’t get easier like I thought it would.  I’ve cried sitting at the cemetary, in my car listening to songs like “Cowboy Rides Away” & “See You When I See You”, in random places that I never thought I would have lost it.  This year has been a really hard one for me personally (I know I’m not alone!) and every day I want to call or text you and complain.  Is that all I ever did?  I hope not!  I still remember our last conversation, and the last time we hung out when you were making fun of me for finally gaining weight (albeit baby fat!).  I still cannot fathom you not being here.  You’ve been around for 13 years!  We’ve been through a lot and I was so happy we had gotten back to such a great place!  You reminded me that we should forgive others and forgive ourselves.  That is a hard one for me because I’ve always been my own best critic, but I’m working on it. 

You, with that mischievous grin with some little funny comment just waiting, taught me to laugh at myself again.  Everyone around you would be in stitches because you always had something smart to say.  I’m not good with wit, but I’ve got sarcasm down to a science! 

The most important lesson they I’ve learned from you is to listen and not to judge others.  Everyone came to you with their problems and you listened and helped as much as you could.  You never shared what people said and I think trust has a big effect on why you touched so many people.  I’m still working on listening more and talking less (I can hear you say, Imagine that!!!) & I’m sure it’ll be like that for the rest of my life. 

I am so honored to have gotten to know you and that you thought of me as a friend.  Thank you for being such an example us to emmulate.


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