When All I Can See Is the Struggle

I think we are put here to learn lessons from the people we meet and the things we and others do.  (Oh, I really hope I’m teaching people good things and not bad ones!)  Life has to be about more than just going from one struggle to another.  I know it’s about sharing God’s grace and the changes He’s made in my life despite my hard head and prideful ways and lack of patience.  But, how do I get out of my own head and figure out where I’m called to be and what I can offer this world? 

I’ve always been one to run after whatever I want no matter the cost and then wonder why it all crumbles around my feet.  There were a lot of years that all I left behind me was destruction.  Everything I touched ended up smashed.  It’s only been recently that I have adopted the train of thought that I’m going to force myself to not be pushy.  The only person I can control is me (no matter how hard I try), so that is the best place to start.  If it is meant to be, it will be, and in God’s time, not mine.  Let me tell you, this has not been easy for me, but I’m making myself stick to it.  I’ve made several big changes since Christmas and they’ve not been as big of challenges as I thought they would and I know that’s only because God is blessing them.  Just like I can tell when I’m not making great decisions.  All of a sudden the whole world is working against me. 


What do you think?  Does God want us to struggle?  Meet the wrong people?  Get our hearts broken?  I can tell you I’m a different person than the one who started this journey.  But, does that mean that pain was the only way to get here?


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