God’s will for my life

One of the things God is working on in me right now is to figure out where I need to be in my walk with Him so I am ready to fulfill the reason He wants me to be here on Earth every day.  I know we are called to be disciples and to have a relationship with Jesus, but I feel like there is MORE that I should be doing with my time than getting up, going to work, going home, going to bed…lather, rinse and repeat…day in and day out.  Not that being a mother or a friend of Jesus or a disciple are minor things, but I have this restless feeling in my heart that I just can’t put my finger on.  Years ago, I thought it was related to a situation that I was in.  So now that situation has changed and it remains.  Then, I thought it was related to facing trials by myself, so I tried to change that and failed…and my restlessness is still here.  So, I think the only possible thing that can fill up that empty, gaping whole in my heart is bringing glory to God (or trying to the best of my flawed ability).

God has been sending me signs and repetition of them from every angle.  Bible study class, Sunday morning sermons, books that come through my inbox, songs, etc.  I know I’m stubborn so He is repeating them to make sure I am paying attention.

What exactly does God want me to do in this fallen world?  I’m not completely sure yet but I am fairly certain it will have to do with writing and other types of creativity.  I am working on pushing myself out of the boat (my comfort zone) and having faith in Jesus.  (This is another reference that God keeps sending my way.)

Have you figured out what makes you happy beyond belief?  How is that bringing glory to God?  Please share with me.


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