Peace of mind…priceless. Or is it?

How much would you pay for an answer on whether or not a dream is really from God and His plan for your life or just from your desire to be more than what you are right now?

Is it considered a waste of money if you don’t do anything with it?   Or a learning experience?

What happens if it is exactly what I need to get me out of this whole I’ve dug for myself and MAKE SOMETHING OF MY LIFE?   Prove to myself and my kids that if you love something so so much and you take risks that it will be scary as hell,  but it will pay off if you never stop working for it?!

Obviously,  my dream is to write.   I’m certain God uses me to share messages He wants me to work on in more depth.   Everything I write about are things I am dealing with.   And when I look back at what I’ve written,  I know that it didn’t come from me.

I would love to hear about what your dreams are.   What steps have you taken to get where you are on your journey?   Are you living your dream?   Or are you like me and still close to the starting line?

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