What does praying look like?

My heart has been tumbling this concept around for a while now.  What does it look like to pray?   If you don’t pray the “right way,” does that mean God doesn’t care about what you are praying for or for some reason ignores you?  “No, He says.”  Does it mean that when people who DO bow their heads are listened to with more love or concern?  “No. God hears everything we pray and the things we don’t even know how to put into words.”   But, I have heard people say that they hit their knees to pray.  After hearing that I feel like maybe I’m not doing it right.  If I’m not “showing reverence” for my Savior, does that mean I love him any less?  Definitely not.  So, do you have to kneel?  Do you have to bow your head?  Does God care how it looks as long as we are talking to Him?

I spend a good amount of my day driving and somewhere between most and all of that time are devoted to singing worship songs and praying before I get to work.  But, I also talk to God throughout the day, whether it be to pray for a friend who has asked for it, a situation that has just come mind, or just simply to ask Him to make clear to me what His will is in the situation I’m facing.  How could I possibly have my hands folded, head bowed and eyes closed every time I talk to God?  But, I feel like I’m not giving Him my all and He deserves nothing less than that.

Is this something that Satan is putting in my head to get me distracted?  I really would like to hear some thoughts on what you do or don’t feel you need to do, etc.  Are there any scripture references that I don’t know about?  Please share your thoughts with me.  Thanks!  🙂