Fighting distractions

I know better than anyone that the harder we try to hold on to Jesus and read our Bible and teach our children the right way to treat other people, the more and more the world is going to beat up on us, trying to get us distracted from spreading the gospel.  Satan uses every tool in his arsenal and pushes every button he can to get us to step off of the path we are walking with Jesus.  I have been told recently that Satan can’t hear our thoughts like God can, so we have to tell him out loud to leave us alone and that we are the children of God.  I thought it was an interesting thought and pondered it a few minutes and then filed it away.

In the month after that, I cannot tell you how many times I have said it to others who were going through trials.  But, I didn’t have proof that it would work until I tried it myself.  One morning that I felt especially great and was singing my worship songs (off-key mind you  🙂 )  All of a sudden, I felt this pressure on my temple that I haven’t felt before.  I have headaches almost every day, but this was a new kind of pain.  It felt like someone taking their finger and pressing it into my temple…hard.  When I found myself saying leave me alone and get out of my head…I was shocked when the pain stopped.  And I had no headache at all that day. I’m convinced that Satan uses sicknesses to distract us from God and what we should be focusing on.


Hanging Boxing Gloves


There are so many things the enemy can use as tools against us, and we don’t always recognize them as the enemy. Life has us so busy that we forget to fellowship with important people in our lives, much less seek someone who is not easily seen or heard. We are constantly striving for the next big tech release or keeping up with the Jones’ or the next promotion that we forget about the people next door or in the next desk that need us to notice them. We are very proud of the accomplishments and think that are of our own power, but the truth is that nothing happens without God’s approval first.

When I find my brain spinning and I feel out of control, I have to remember to pray and ask for wisdom. How do you fight the enemy and keep your eyes where they should be?